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Second Date

Posted on Tue Aug 22, 2023 @ 6:06pm by Lieutenant Cuyu Reeza & Lieutenant Jules Mundy

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Mission: Season 1 - Prologue
Location: CMO's Office-Officer's Lounge
Timeline: Pre-launch, MD-04(?)

The computer notified Cuyu that she had a message waiting for her.

When she opened the message, it read. 'Dinner tonight? Officer's mess at 2000 hours? Jules.'

The CMO moved from her desk to the computer when it chimed with a message. She smiled. *Computer, send a reply.* The computer indicated that it was ready. "Sure. I will be there!" She smiled. *Computer, send message* She checked that it did, and then sat back for a moment. She spoke another message, this one to Lt. Lorut's wife, asking her to keep her daughter that evening. The woman readily agreed-their children got along well with Soja, and it made Reeza happy that she had more Bajoran friends to play with. She went back to her day, seeing patients and overseeing the general running of the sickbay. They weren't super-busy, which gave her a chance to figure out what she would wear. She decided on a black skirt with white polka-dots, a white blouse, and a black sweater. It was modest, pretty, and comfortable. Finally, the day was over, and she rushed to her quarters to clean up, see Soja for a bit, and get ready. Finally, Soja was fed, she was showered, dressed, and ready, and she as she dropped Soja off at the Loruts', she found herself unable to stop smiling.

Jules had shown up 5 minutes early, and snagged one of the tables near the window, which showed a fantastic picture of the stars. He was wearing a white pullover shirt and black pants.
The waiter came over and asked if he was ready to order. "I'm waiting for someone. Can you bring a bottle of Spring Wine?"
"Right away sir." He was back in minutes with the bottle and two glasses. "Let me know when you're ready to order." The waiter left.

Reeza appeared right on the dot, and smiled at the host, letting him know she was meeting someone. She was led to where Jules sat, and smiled at him. "Hello," she said. "Thank you," she said to the host. "I can seat myself," she assured him, sitting down. "How are you?" She asked Jules, and smiled.

Jules had stood up when Reeza approached and sat after she did. "I'm fine, what about you?" He paused, "and by the way, you look lovely."

She smiled. "Thank you. I am a little tired but nothing that a nice meal won't fix. And good company," she said. "My daughter was being a little difficult tonight, getting ready. I think she's going to adjust slowly," Reeza said. "But I think she'll be ok. She's moved three times now in her short life. It has to be difficult." Reeza knew that Soja was strong, though. "Enough about me. How was your day?" She smiled.

"We had some battle drills on the bridge today. First one lasted an hour. Second one, I was 'killed' during an attack and my assistant had to take over. By the time we were through, half the bridge crew 'died' in one drill and the other half 'died' on the other. But we have to do these drills to maintain readiness, or so the captain says." Jules took a sip of his spring wine. "So, first time we've been out in public. How do you feel about us being seen together in public?"

She chuckled. "Ah, yes, battle ready simulations. That explains why I have to do one tomorrow for triage," she said. "It should be easy, though. I am looking forward to it; my training is in triage and combat medicine," she said. "I am...ok with it. It's nice, actually. It's been awhile since I've had dinner with someone who I didn't have to look after for the whole meal. Unless you're planning to start launching spaghetti at me," she laughed. "Except the other night, of course, but I meant publicly." She sipped her wine. "What's good here tonight? I heard someone mention the special was fish."

"Everything is good here. The chef is outstanding and will make your meal an adventure." He looked at her. "When can I meet your daughter?" Just then, the waiter appeared.

She smiled a little. "You can-" they were interrupted then by the waiter. "I'll have the special, please," she said. She waited for Jules to place his own order, and then continued. "I think it would be ok if you met her this weekend. It can be a very casual thing. I am not certain yet if I would allow her to join us on outings just yet. I need to think about things," she said. "I trust you. I just don't trust other people," she explained.

"Are you going to keep her locked up on the ship? I understand you maybe not allowing her to walk through the ship alone. But in groups of children her own age or gatherings of people that serve aboard the ship." Jules looked at her. "You say you trust me, but you're not sure if she would be allowed to come with us if we went out?" Their orders came, and the waiter placed them on the table. "Everyone on the ship have been cleared before being allowed to serve. I would trust everyone on the ship with my life."

"I meant more or less alone. I am not a monster! I am just...she's only four, and there's a lot of pressure I feel to raise her myself. Her father has only been gone for just at two years now. Of course, she's in the preschool, and does activities with one of the other family's aboard. Another Bajoran couple-the husband is an Engineer, I think? and the wife stays in with the children. She takes them on outings while her two older children are in the regular school," Reeza said. "Plus..she's at that age where she wants to run around, so, quite frankly, I don't take her anywhere MYSELF." Reeza shook her head. "Raising her on a Starship by myself wasn't in the plans, originally. I asked for a transfer to a Starbase. I got this instead," she said, with a shrug.

Jules put his hand on top of hers. "I did not mean to get you upset. I'm glad you have someone to watch her when you need it. I'm not a counselor, but even I know you need some personal time with her." he said in a low, calm voice. "What say I reserve some holodeck time. The three of us can go on a picnic. They'll be trees, and grass for her to run around." He paused. "What do you say? Does that sound interesting?"

Reeza smiled. "I didn't mean to sound upset. I am not, really. It's just....a lot. We're both still adjusting," she said. "I would like that. I think Soja would, too. It will at least get her into nature, even if it's just a hologram," Reeza said. "Let me know when...a weekend may be best, but maybe an early evening, too."

"I'll set something up for tomorrow evening, say 1700?"

Reeza nodded. "That would work, thank you," she said. "I will tell her tonight. I think she'll be excited," Reeza said.

"What about you? Are you excited that I am meeting your daughter and the three of us are going to a holodeck together?" asked Jules.

Reeza nodded. "Yes, I am!! It will be fun!" She said. She really believed that. "And not a lot of pressure, plus it will be a good distraction from saving your lives," she joked. "Battle training is fun but it's a lot of work on MY end," she said.

"I'm glad your excited, cause I am also." Jules responded. He hadn't spent nearly enough time in the gym as he would like. He looked at Reeza. "When you're done, we could go back to my quarters, if you like."

She blushed a little. "I would like that, yes." Their meals appeared, and while she dug into hers, she noticed he picked at his. "Are you ok? You're not eating much." She said. "Are you feeling well?" Concern crossed her face.

"I'm fine, I just haven't had time to hit the gym as I would like. I'm losing muscle tone." Jules answered her. "Nothing for you to worry about."

"So you think your daughter will enjoy the holodeck?" He asked.

"I do. She likes movies and stuff," she said. "Little kids are mostly easy to please. They like simple things," she said. "She does prefer mostly animated things, and stuff like that, of course, but a forest thing will be great. She doesn't get to experience that often," Reeza said. She took another small bite. "Well. I think you still look fit...I didn't complain, did I?" She asked. She blushed a little-it was weird still. "If I did, I didn't mean it!"

"I'll take your comment as you are very concerned about my health." He leaned forward and whispered in her ear. "As I will demonstrate when we get to my quarters."

She laughed. "Well. I hope the demonstration will be worth it," she said. "The last one was very convincing," she said. She ate a bit more, but she was focused on him. "Watching you navigate the ship the other day was amazing. You're very good at...helmsman-ing. Navigating?" She wasn't sure what the word was, actually.

Jules took a bite of his salad. "Chief Helmsman, actually." Then he took a sip of his drink. "Captain tells me where to go, I lay in the course and speed into the computer, and away we go. It's more fun when we're in combat. Then I manually steer the ship, avoiding enemy fire and try to get the ship into position to use our weapons." He put his fork down and pushed his plate aside. He leaned back, and under the table, he ran his finger along her thigh.

"Chief helmsman!" She smiled. "I DID know that, it was more or less that I wasn't sure exactly what that entailed, exactly. But now I do," she said. "I am sad to say that I never had much of a mind for tactical things," she said. "My interests are more...caregiving in nature, I suppose." She said. "Do you find it challenging?"

She watched as he put his food aside, and then felt him run a finger along her thigh. She shivered a little, but smiled.
"Are you ready something else?" She said. She was done with her dinner, as well.

Jules nodded. Stood up, stood behind her chair and pulled it out when she was ready to stand. Then they walked together, towards the doors, and once they exited the room, he took her arm in his.

Reeza beamed as he helped her to stand up, and led her out of the Mess hall. They headed for the nearby Turbolift. "Want to come by mine today? Soja is at the Lorut's tonight," she said. "Lorut Vila said she was welcome to spend the night; their youngest is her age and they enjoy playing." It was the first time ever that Reeza had granted permission for Soja to sleep over at someone else's quarters-she was trying to remember that smothered children had as many issues adjusting as children whose parents were uninvolved. She was trying to strike a balance.

Reeza opened the doors to her quarters, and as soon as the door closed. he pulled her closer and they started to kiss.

She let out a low noise of pleasure. "Just a moment," she whispered, pulling away for a second. She readjusted her stance; he stood nearly a foot taller than she, and so it was a bit awkward for her. After a moment, she returned to his embrace, and kissed him again.

As they kissed, he started removing her clothes, until she was just wearing her panties. He picked her up and carried her to her bedroom, where he placed her on the bed, they proceeded to undress, and got into the bed with her.



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