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Lieutenant Jules Mundy

Name Jules David Mundy

Position Chief Helmsman

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 192 lbs
Hair Color Blondish
Eye Color Bluish
Physical Description Mundy is physically fit. Muscular. Very little body fat.


Father Captain Alex Mundy, former Captain of the USS Venture. Currently CO of starbase 73, located Pi Piscis.
Mother (Dr)Lieutenant Commander Maggie Jones-Mundy, Chief Medical Officer Starbase 73
Brother(s) Lieutenant Commander Lyle Mundy, USS Lexington, Assistant Security Officer.
Cadet Steven Mundy, Starfleet Academy.
Sister(s) Laurie Mundy, Senior University Of Notre Dame
Stephanie Mundy, Senior Starbase 73 School
Other Family Admiral Jason Mundy, Chief Of Operations, Starfleet Headquarters, Earth, retired.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Can be reserved at first, but once he gets used to new surrounding, will usually become more outgoing.
Will never by the “life of the party”, but won't be a “wallflower” either. Will mix in, listen to people, maybe even crack a joke every now and then.

When off duty, will wear jeans and a tshirt. Loves to read, mostly anything he can get his hands on...travels with several books from his collection at home.
Will attend parties, will usually stay with those he feels more comfortable with.
Likes to listen to music, early Earth classical, while he paints, usually spacescapes.
Strengths & Weaknesses + A very good, bordering on excellent helm officer.
+ Good with a weapon
- Doesn't like to show his bad habits
Ambitions To follow in the family tradition and command a starship.
Hobbies & Interests Reads, paints, works out in the gym daily. Works on his core and endurance. Handy with a bladed weapon. Can be found most days in the ship's armory, working on target practice.

Personal History Comes from a long time of Starfleet history. His father, a captain who commanded a starship. His mother, a chief medical officer. His grandfather, a retired Admiral, the Chief of Staff.
Great grandparents, their parents, all served in Star Fleet, going back to the earliest maned flights, the NX series, the space shuttle, Apollo, Gemini and Mercury.
Been called on more than one occasion, a “Fleet Brat”, a label he wears proudly. If there's a “black sheep” in the group, it's been well hidden.
He was the third child of Alex and Maggie Mundy, current CO and CMO of starbase 73. His older brother, Lyle, was born on the Starship Venture, which meant that since children weren't allowed on a Federation starship, his mother would have to leave the ship. However, his father accepted the commanding officer position on SB 73, which meant they could all be together, Next came Laurie, Steven and Stephanie. Steven is a cadet in the academy, Stephanie is a senior in college and Laurie is finishing school on the SB.
From the day he was born, Jules was destined for a career in service.
He kept his school grades to A's....never a grade below A-. He read every book on the history of's captains, explorers and scientists.
When he wasn't at the base school, he was working with the base's computers, learning more and more.
He had friends, children of personnel assigned to the base. Some families came, then soon left for other assignments.
When he turned 17, he applied to the Academy for early acceptance. With recommendations from Admirals, commodores, captains, ambassadors, he was quickly accepted.
When the time came for him to leave for the Academy, his father called in some favors and arranged for a starship to take him to Earth.
Service Record Arrived at Earth, beamed down and walked to the Academy Grounds, taking in all the sights that San Francisco had to offer.
He reported to the Academy Office, checked in, had a DNA test and a blood test. He filled out the necessary paperwork, including his choice of studies, in his case, Helmsman, as his major and Command and Operations as his minors.
From the first day of classes, he threw himself into his studies. He was recruited for sports teams, but he decided to forgo them for the first year.
He met his roommate, a human name Henry Blake, who seemed to be more interested in partying then studying then learning.
Jules wanted to keep his grades in the 90-95 range.

The end of the first year, he was in the 92% of his class. Room for improvement.

The second year, he decided to join the wrestling team. He was always fast on his feet, agile and strong enough to take other people down. But he didn't want the team to distract him from his studies.
By the middle of the term, he was called to the instructors quarters, and asked if he would be interested in tutoring those students struggling with their classes. Since he was already tutoring his roommate, it made sense to help as many people as he could. He agreed and he was assigned his first student. Arrangements were made for them to meet in the student lounge.
Jules arrived early, found a quiet corner for them to use, and while waited, he pulled out his work. He looked up and saw a very pretty girl enter the lounge. She looked around the lounge, saw him and started walking towards him.

She approached the table, “Are you Cadet Mundy?”
He looked at her. “Yes I am.” He stood up.
Holding her hand out, “I'm Cadet Kylie Tanner.”
He held onto her hand probably longer then necessary. Letting go, “Pleasure to meet you. Please sit.” He sat back in his chair as she sat opposite him. “I'm very appreciative that you have agreed to tutor me.” she said.
“My pleasure. We should all try to help others when we can. So...what subjects do you need help with?”
She pulled out a list of subjects that she wanted to get better in. Jules looked over the list, “We should get started.”
They spent the rest of the afternoon studying.
The next day was Saturday, cadets had off for the weekends.
They spent studying, either in his room, or in hers, when their roommates were away.
The end of the second term. His grades stayed constant, her grades show marked improvement.
Sometimes they met for coffee, or to tour the grounds.
He found her hand holding hers.

Third year.
The one good thing about this year, was that a select group of students, those having the highest grades or who showed a marked improvement in their studies, were selected for training on one of the Academy's training ships.
That was at least 3 months away. And because of the training ship assignment, he left the academy wrestling team.
3 months of being together every day, evenings and weekends.
And probably the one thing that shouldn't have happened did....they slept together.
Things got a little strange between them after they slept together, Kylie started skipping tutoring sessions, and her grades started slowly dropping.
He tried to talk to her, but she didn't want to talk.
So, when the training assignments were announced, he had made it, but she didn't.
She seemed to have disappeared, or she was avoiding him, but he couldn't find her.
The six-week training assignments arrived.
Jules boarded his transport for the training ship. It was one of the older Constitution ships that had been decommissioned.
The cadets were all assigned private quarters for the duration of the training. No contact with Earth, except in the event of an extreme emergency. If anyone had to leave, it would count as a black mark on their records.
There were 50 cadets, and 5 instructors. Every cadet would get time in their chosen career path, and as well as training in other departments.
Jules was the first one to be at the helm console.
The ship, the USS Constitution, had a maximum speed of warp 2. The ship was scheduled to stay in the system.
Jules piloted the ship out of Earth orbit and set a course for Titan. The commanding officer, an instructor, ordered ¾ impulse.
Jules set the course and engaged the impulse engines at ¾.
The voyage seemed to go alright, but as the ship approached Titan, main power went down. All the cadets turned to the instructor for orders, the instructor announced, “This is part of the test. What do you do now?”
Of the cadets on the bridge, Jules seemed to be the only one who wasn't panicking, so...he took command, and started giving orders....he ordered comms to try to contact Earth...he ordered the engineering officer to try to bypass the safeguards and get the engines up and running, and he ordered the science officer to make sure life support was working. He tried to contact Main Engineering, by the ship's comms were down, part of the test.
The ship was headed right towards Titan.
Jules ran through the list of possible problems in his mind. He went to the main computer interface and punched in several commands to see if any of them work. They all came back as “not available.”
The last thing that came to his mind. “Computer, disengage helm.” “Helm disengaged.” the computer responded.
Suddenly, the ship came to a halt. The instructor stood up. “Mr Mundy.” Jules turned to face him. “Congratulations on dealing with this simulation. You will receive a commendation for your file. Now, if you would be so kind, please put us in orbit around Titan.”
“Aye sir.” and Jules returned to the helm position.
“Course set for Titan orbit, sir.”
The instructor opened the comms channel. “All cadets will have 2 hours off.”

As soon as the ship entered orbit, he handed the helm over to the next cadet. He returned to his quarters and laid down.

When the ship returned to Earth, Jules had another week off, so he went looking for Kylie, but couldn't find her. He went to the student office to see if they knew what happened to her, but they weren't allowed to disclose that information.

End of the third year.
His training commendation along with his grades, now placed him at the top of his class.

His time at the Academy was slowly coming to an end. The fourth year was the easiest of his entire time at the academy.
There were more training exercises. He even got to be captain.
At the end of the fourth year, he had been named the Valedictorian of the graduating class. He also was awarded the Commandants Award for Excellence.

He had his choice of assignments.
He was wanted on every ship.
He choose the USS Portland, and will assigned as helmsman, rank of ensign.
He was 22 years old.