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First Date

Posted on Thu Jun 15, 2023 @ 12:33am by Lieutenant Cuyu Reeza & Lieutenant Jules Mundy

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Mission: Season 1 - Prologue
Location: Reeza's Quarters
Timeline: post-artifacts

Mundy walked along the corridor at a steady pace. He said he would pick her up at her quarters at 1900 hours. had chosen a light blue jacket, white shirt and deep blue trousers.

As he approached her door, it was 1859. He paused to get his breath, and at exactly 1900 hours, he pressed the chime.

After breakfast, Reeza took her daughter to the Promenade for a few hours, to walk around the area, people watch, work out energy, and eat food NOT from the replicator. After their outing and lunch, Reeza dropped Soja off at the sitter's-another Medical officer's quarters, whose wife would take care of the child. She headed back to her own, and after a nap, she started to prepare. It was weird-she'd had a couple of dates in the two years since Luca had died, but this was her first in awhile, and a deep-dive into Lt. Mundy's files had indicated that he was nice, a good officer, and all around, the kind of man she would like. So she was a little excited, and nervous, of course. She set her hair, and then made herself some tea. She sipped it as she prepared, the hot herbal liquid soothing her nerves. She chose a modest dress today-she was mostly modest ANYWAY. Emerald green, with a lace neckline, that tied below the bust and flowed out to flare around her knees. The color was perfect against her red hair, and as she let down the curlers, she decided to pull the top half back and let the rest flow around her shoulders. She topped the look off with white flat sandals, and a lacy, green sweater that matched, in case. Her traditional earring went on, and one on the other side-rhinestone stud-and a small amount of makeup.


She recycled the cup, sent a message to check in on Soja, who seemed to be having a great time playing with her colleague's family, and then....the chime rang. She stood up from the chair she sat in, and opened the door.

"Hello. You look lovely," she said. "Do you want to come in for a minute, or shall we go?" She asked.

Jules was slightly out of breath when he saw her. But he composed himself. "You are beautiful." He had his left arm behind him, and when he brought it out, he held a flower, a rose, that he 'borrowed' from the arboretum, "For you."

She smiled. "Thank you." Her smile grew bigger when he produced the flower. "It's beautiful. Thank you. Come in for a moment so I can put it in some water." She said. She turned back around, leading him in. After a moment, she had some water from her kitchenette sink in a glass, and the flower in the water. "Are you ready?" She asked. "Let's go," she said. She led him out of the door, closing it behind her. She'd let him take the lead from here.

They walked along the corridor. "I have to be honest with you. The mess is being used for a birthday party and the holodeck is in use. So.....I thought I would cook you dinner in my quarters, if that is alright with you."

She chuckled. "Well, that's the first time I've heard THAT as an excuse to get me back to someone's quarters," she joked. "It's fine. Thank you." She said. It really was.

Jules smiled. "If I was going to come up with an excuse to get you to my quarters so that I could take advantage of you, I would have a better story then what happened, something like, 'would you like to come see my art work in my quarters?'" He laughed.

She smiled. "That's funny. What are you planning for dinner?" She asked. She was still a bit nervous, but Jules was easy to talk to, and she would likely enjoy herself tonight. She was making small talk as they made the journey. He should be close by; the family quarters weren't far from the singles' ones.

"I've planned to celebrate both our cultures by making dishes from Bajor and Earth." They turned a corner and arrived at his quarters. He pressed the password in and the door opened, and he placed his hand on the small of her back to glide her in.

She nodded. "Sounds lovely," she replied. "Thank you." She felt his hand guiding her into his quarters on the small of her back. It nearly burnt but in that good way. She looked around once they were inside. "It's nice. You keep it cozy and homey," she said. And clean! That was a good sign.

"Feel free to look around, not much to see, but it's mine." Mundy picked up two glasses, and offered her one. "Bajoran springwine."

"It's never much with the Fleet, is it?" She asked. Even the family quarters were cramped. She'd heard of people who had multiple children and she couldn't IMAGINE it. It was tight enough with just her and Soja-of course, if her family grew, she'd be upgraded, but still. Even the ones for large families were smaller than an apartment in an average sized city. "I only spent about six or seven months in junior officer's quarters before Luca and I got married," she said. "I do remember that they are very tight to move around in, and I had to share!" She laughed. She took the wine. "Thank you." She sat down, carefully.

Jules sat down next to her on the small couch. "The junior officers always get the small quarters. I'm lucky, no roommate." He pointed to the bunkbeds. "When someone reaches lieutenant commander, then they get the bigger quarters." He put his arm around her, grazing her shoulder with his hand.

She nodded. "Yes, I remember. Before we had Soja, we had small ones." She tensed a tiny bit as he put an arm around her, but relaxed quickly. "So. What do you do for fun?" She asked.

"What do I do for fun?" Jules paused. "With what free time I get, I like to exercise, in the gym or the holodeck. Read, Movies." He turned to look at her. "Have dinner with beautiful women." He smiled at her. "What about you?"

She chuckled. "My free time these days are filled with things like doing art projects with my daughter. Things change a lot when you become a parent. When she is with the sitter, I usually take that time to read or nap, if I have a bit of time after work," she said. "Occasionally, I'll get a few hours to swim or catch a movie on the holodeck but I don't like to leave her with a babysitter regularly," Reeza explained. "So, it seems like we have some things in common, anyway." She said.

"Maybe swimming is something we could do together." A chime went off. "Time for the first course." He stood up and headed to the replicator. As he returned, I'm sorry that I couldn't actually make them myself, but regulations forbid cooking in crew quarters. Please come to the table." He held her seat out for her.

Reeza smiled. "That would be nice," she said. Then he stood up and went to the replicator. A moment later, he asked her to sit down. She did. "Alright. It's OK; I do understand. I get a few extra permissions, but they only give me a single-burner stove and no oven." She said. "Soja, luckily, doesn't mind food from the replicator, but then again, she doesn't have a wide palate of foods she'll eat yet." She explained. "The family quarters are a bit more reasonable for people, but I understand the Fleet's concerns about fire." She realized she was prattling on. "It smells lovely."

"I've programmed several meals, meals that I created using ingredients prepared differently then what the replicator can do." Jules returned carrying a tray cover by a cloth. He placed it down in front of her, then pulled off the cloth. "For you, I present....Hasperat!"

She smiled. "Ooh, it looks good, thank you," and it was presented nicely. He sat down the tray, and she waited for him before she took a taste.

Jules sat opposite her. "Please." indicating that she should start.

She took a small bite, and then smiled. "Ooh, it's really good!!" She giggled but swallowed the bite before going on. "I like that!" It was nice that he took the time to learn about her traditional foods. "Are you having the Hesperat, as well?" She asked. Some people didn't like the spiciness of it.

"I was wondering if we could both share yours." he asked, not knowing how she would feel about it.

Reeza nodded shyly. "Sure, that's fine," she said, scooting the tray in between them. "This is nice." She smiled.

"Yes it is." Mundy saw that there was one small piece left. He picked it up, and brought it to her mouth.

She smiled, but leaned forward, and took the last bite. "Thank you," she said, again, after chewing carefully. She really needed to find a new line. "Dinner was lovely."

"We still have desert." He held up her hand, brought it to his lips and kissed it. "Be right back." He disappeared into the other room.

She smiled, but blushed lightly. "OK!!" She watched him disappear, wondering what it was.

Minutes later, Jules returned holding a tray which sat upon it a.....strawberry shortcake!

Reeza smiled again. "Ooh, that looks good!" She said. "Strawberries are my favorite, how'd you know?"

"They are my favorites as well." The cake sat 3 layers high. In between each layer was frosting and strawberries, the top was covered with frosting and a line of strawberries around the top edge of the cake.

"Oh! That's cool that we both like the same thing! And it's pretty, too!" He handed her a fork, and she took a small piece to try it out first before she dug in fully. "Mmm, that's really good," she giggled.

Jules plucked a strawberry from the top and held it to her lips, inviting her to take a bite.

She wasn't expecting him to offer her the strawberry, but he did. She leaned forward lightly, taking a careful bite while looking him in the eyes. It was surprisingly flirty-more forward than she was used to being.

Jules ate the rest of the strawberry. He took another strawberry, put it between his teeth, then moved closer to her, drawing closer and closer.

She couldn't help but laugh again, but let him come close. She leaned in again, biting into the strawberry, then letting her lips brush his gently. It was...weird, in that she hadn't kissed anyone in awhile, but nice.

"If I'm making you nervous," he brushed and hair from her face. "Tell me." He took a fork full of the whipped cream and offered it to her. Now he was sitting closer to her, their shoulders barely touching.

She shook her head. "No, not's just been a little while, so....I will, I promise. I am ok," she said. She took the whipped cream, and then smiled lightly. "It's...good right now."

"I'll not press you. You'll tell me what you want when you want it." Jules put his hand under her chin, and lifted her mouth and gently started to kiss her.

She nodded in agreement, there was no doubt about that. She might be shy and quiet but she was assertive when it was necessary. She didn't say anything more, though, because he was kissing her. She startled for a moment, but then relaxed into it, kissing him back, carefully and gently. Mmmm, it was nice to be kissed again.

What started as slow and gentle, quickly turned into passionate and yearning. "What time do you have to be back at your quarters tonight?" Jules asked between kisses.

Her eyes were closed, but she was still responding to his kisses by turning her body a little bit so it wasn't as awkward a position. He was a good kisser, by all accounts-not that she'd kissed that many people to know. Only four men ever-her high school boyfriend, Luca, her most recent boyfriend before now, and now, Jules. Still. She opened her eyes when he pulled away for a moment to catch his breath. " specific time; Lt. Povis' wife said she could keep Soja overnight if we made it late," she said. "But I'd prefer to be able to get her by midnight, unless we really..." she trailed off. "Um...have a good time, I guess." She wasn't used to being straightforward. She giggled a little, but then leaned in again for a few more kisses. She was a bit heady from the romance, her brain a little fuzzy.

Jules moved his hand from her shoulder, down her arm, to her waist and finally stopping on her outer thigh. He whispered, "Are you having a good time?"

She pulled away for a moment when his hand moved, and then nodded, smiling lightly. "Yes," she breathed. "Are you? Is this...ok? Not too fast?" She didn't want him to get ideas about what kind of girl she was. On the other hand, he didn't seem to mind and was being sweet and slow. She moved her body to face him head on, so they could escalate to deeper kisses if they wanted to. Or something else. Whatever would happen would happen.

"I am having a very nice time." His kisses became more intense. Their tongues touched. He reached up and started unbuttoning her dress.

Her brain thought a moment about if they were going too fast. Or too slow? Just right. She started to help him undress, as well, and before she knew it, a bit of cool air hit her naked shoulder. "Maybe we should move this to somewhere more comfortable," she said.

Jules stood up, held her by the hand and moved them to his bed, the bottom half of a bunk bed built into the wall. It was cozy, room enough for two if they didn't mind closeness. Then he finished removing her dress. She stood there in her bra and panties. He kissed her on the mouth, while his hands moved over her body.

She was standing there, knowing it was time to make a choice. She did, quickly, and then kissed him back, unbuttoning his shirt and tugging at his pants. "Are you ready?" Gently, but with sureness, pushed him down onto the bed, and climbed into his lap.

-----Fade to black-------


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