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Commander Thoria zh'Kela

Name Thoria zh'Kela

Position Chief Security Officer

Second Position First Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 187
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Average height and weight with a trim figure. Curly snow-like hair reaching to her ears with 2 blue antennae sticking up through the front.


Father Captain Thersoan ch'Kela of the Andorian Guard
Mother Shrathaa sh'Vrathi
Brother(s) Doctor Lt Cmdr Thevishr th'Kela of the Andorian Guard
3 years younger

Personality & Traits

General Overview Thoria is brave and kind, but can also be very sneaky and a bit impatient. Currently not on good terms with her father who wished for her to join the Andorian Guard as the Kela family before has. She defines herself as Bi-sexual and an Atheist whose loyalists lie with the Andorian Empire, Starfleet and the Federation.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Kind

+/- Quialfised Starfleet combat medic, astrophysicist and Security officer

- Sneaky
- Bit impatient
Ambitions - Continue annoying her father

- Meet Mr right

- Retire on Risa
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies include
relaxing, boxing, adult colouring books, camping, cycling

Interests include
Starfleet Starship design

Personal History Thoria zh'Kela was born on Andoria seeing very little of her father as he was a junior Lt within the Andorian Guard, inspiring to command the Guard itself. With her mother and brother, Thoria had a milliarty-normal upbringing, but by the name she had started High School her father had command of his own ship, driving him further away from Thoria. With her anger rawr, Thoria joined the Martial Arts club which taught her to control her feelings. She enjoyed learning from others in High School which is the reason why she joined Starfleet, learning from others.

Adjusting to Earth's temperature was a challenge in itself, something she conjured quickly before it could eat her. Wanting to continue her hobbies, she joined Starfleet's boxing team during the breaks she often went on camping and cycling trips with her Human friends and over time they became her hobbies too.

Becoming an Ensign was an honour in itself, her first post was more of a headache. A federation Conoly on the edge of Federation Space where pirates operated, as a guard at the spaceport she had to deal with her share of pirates not wanting their cargo nor ships investigated. Though the good days were few, they were memorable like the time she held a conversation with a group of Bolins, a race she had never met. By her 3rd year within the post, she had gotten herself into a Phaser fight with Nuasicon & Orion Pirates that was attempting to kidnap a resident of Alen VII, there were 3 of them and only 1 of her she managed to defeat them but it nearly ended her life, the plasma blast from the rifle held by the Nuasicon scared her organs with plasma burn which caused internal bleeding and surgery was needed.

Thoria had a residence on Earth where she stayed during the recovery time from her surgery but she developed an infection due to in-proper resting which landed her back in hospital for 2 weeks, her mother came to Earth and was by her side, Thoria wasn't close to her mother until the stay at the Hospital when Thoria was discharged she returned to her childhood house where her mother took care of her and both took a trip down memory line.

After her recovery was done she returned to Starfleet after much heckling from her Father over subspace comms but she resigned from her post because of the danger there, her fair share of "close calls" had run out. Opting for a safe-is assignment, she applied to Starbase 2 which was accepted. Serving as the Station's Deputy she felt special and wanted. There were some issues, fist and phaser fights but not as often as New Gwenwyn Fed Spaceport. The Station's XO was promoted to Capt and granted command of the refitted Excelsior USS Barham. She never had after-work discussions with her but was headhunted for the role of Chief Security Officer, after a day of debating, Thoria accepted the position.

The following 3-years are what Thoria describes as the "happiest moment of her life." Commanding her own department had its own thrills and nightmares but with the Barham on a 3-year Deep Space Exploration mission, beaming onto new worlds with her team of Security personnel with that happiness and drive for learning she took the Bridge Officer test and completed it. All good things must come to an end, shortly after the completion of the ship's 3-year mission Command had ordered an entire reshuffle of personnel. All the crew was timetabled to be replaced at Starbase 2.

Moving and looking onwards Thoria joined the Columbia under its 3rd CO, Captain Winchester after accepting First Officer Cmdr Phillips Walker (former Lt Cmdr Walker, Chief Helsmen's and Second Officer of the USS Barham) offer of Second & Chief Security Officer. She really didn't know where to turn after Barham because she felt like her career in Starfleet was winding down. By 2341, she had developed a romantic relationship with Cmdr Phillips and was later engaged to him in 2344 but by 2345 Thoria broke it off wanting to stay "best friends" and Phillips accepted it but knowling

Following Phillips's promotion to Captain and his offer as his XO, she did some soul searching she reluctantly stayed on the Columbia and accepted Captain Winchester's offer of his XO.
Service Record 2326 - 2330
Starfleet Academy
Major: Security
Minor: Field Medicine & Astrophysics

2326 - Joined Starfleet Boxing team.

2330 - 2333
Alen VII
New Gwenwyn
Federation Spaceport
Security Officer
Ensign - Lieutenant Junior Grade

2333 - Temporary medical leave due to injuries

2333 - Resigned from post, applied to Starbase 2

2333 - 2337
Starbase 2
Deputy Security Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade - Lieutenant Full Grade

2337 - 2340
USS Barham
Chief Security Officer
Lieutenant - Lieutenant Commander

2339 - Took the Bridge Officer test, passed after 3 attempts.

2340 - 2344
USS Columbia
Second & Chief Security Officer
Lieutenant Commander - Commander

2344 - Following the departure of XO, Thoria ascended to First Officer

2344 - Present
USS Columbia
First & Chief Security Officer
Commander - Present